Stratum Ventures LLP is a company focused on enabling every individual's dreams of owning a property. We understand that it’s rather difficult for a ‘non real estate experience’ individual to understand the whole concept. Concept that has evolved over decades of evolution in the Real Estate world itself. Besides knowing the process, an individual is also expected to know the value preposition, market scenario and the appraisal aspects involved in a particular investment. We at Stratum Ventures hand-hold you in making the right decision in owning the land, thus creating "Land Lords".

Stratum Ventures as a company stands strong on ethics. We work with buyers like yourself who trust us for our efforts & work that is delivered in a professional manner. By "professional" we mean following the right rules & regulations with respect to owning the land. The legal advices, financial advices and other nitty-gritties are personally handled by Stratum Ventures. We consciously avoid brokers, agents and other middlemen involvement during the purchase and afterwards.

Purely, Lands that are ready for residential purposes. Lands that will be owned by our buyers are lands that are mostly developed in the "Free Zone" & “Yellow Zone” areas, so that the buyer has the leverage to build as and when it pleases or wishes to modify at his best interests.

Stratum Ventures focus remains on ‘buyer's’ dream to own Land (s). Thus, any Land procured from us will have the Financial Advice, Legal advice and other compliance advices catered to. From the day the buyer engages with us as a prospect, till such time that he/she is our client/ customer we handhold them in every aspect. Once the Land is procured, the Owner of the property is independent and will not find any involvement from Stratum Ventures. However, if the customer is our premium member, we would engage subtly upon their expressed interests.

Customers who have trusted us and entrusted their liabilities upon Stratum Ventures for their current and future investment plans are generally considered as our “Premium Members”. We provide services to their best interests. Premium customers are also members who seek for additional services such as Architects, Interiors and other services related to Land and its developmental activities.

Indeed! It’s always a pleasure to retain our customers. It is simply called upgrading the customers to “Premium” customers. They are under special care at every step in the process of investments.

We have a solution that can fit in most of client's requirements. From a simple 30X40 plot to 60X40 or more can be catered to our clients. We understand that every individual is different to the other and hence we have alliance partners who enables us to cater to every individual's needs.

o Stratum Ventures LLP, is built on a strong foundation that stands on four pillars, Trust, Ethics, Transparency and Loyalty. The team of professionals believe that a Buyer comes with an intension of holding an Asset which shall benefit him in many ways, such as short, mid or long term returns, hence there is a sense of responsibility is developing and delivering the projects to end users that shall not hinder in appreciating in any manner.

o Stratum Ventures, assures a guaranteed 40% return on investment within 18 months of procurement to its early investors, irrespective of the market scenarios; which in itself is Winning situation to the investor.

o Besides all the positives mentioned above, we at stratum ventures have list of benefits that belongs to the Premium investor (s). An association that we at Stratum would love to live with

o Individuals : is somebody looking for a newer type of investment, somebody who is a first timer in Investing on Land(s), someone who has planned a long term ROI holding the asset procured etc is a typical Individual investor. Individual investor is someone looking at banking the extra income and waiting to reap the benefits of such investment on a long term. Mostly, someone planning an unscheduled retirement too early than designated on papers.

o Group Investors : are a set of individuals who come together to procure an asset. Typically these groups are driven by common interests that they share among themselves. Like we call them “Like Minded” individuals. Group Investment is a great start for any sort of early development (s) in and around the projects. They are generally considered pioneers in forming communities, in bringing in new concepts and ideas within the vicinity. Group Investors also reap the benefits of being early in the new locality, by being the first to add innovative ideas for overall development of the area, bringing in new innovations and techniques etc. They form a great team in overall upliftment of the “Gated Community”.

o Non-resident-Indians : NRIs like we call are individuals who are away from their home-land but have their determination to come back one day and by that time they have assets enough to rely upon. In-short our friends and family members who wish to invest in India. We at Stratum Ventures device a plan that is best suitable for such individuals, that shall enable them in getting the best land, at best price and reap best returns. A typical NRI investor generally aims for long terms returns and hence it is advisable to start with locations that suits his investment to return on higher value by his return to home time.

o Land Investors : individuals who have been part of real-estate business on and off. At Stratum Ventures we encourage such regular land investors because of a fundamental fact, that their experience in buying and selling the land explains us the reason for their interest with us. This will in-turn enable Stratum in doing more and more of this activity that can grab similar investor’s attention time and again. To our esteemed buyers, the experience of these investors itself is a testimony of trust, relationship and loyalty. Overall, it is a boost to Stratum Venture’s expertise in this business of Land Development.