Qualities of investor- Get out of comfort zone

Focus Product- Property| Type: Land

Yes, an investment in property demands of you to interact with various other professionals like developers, lawyers, statuary authorities and bankers. And not all of these have pleasant passing.

What you may need is a one stop solution providers, that’s what we do at Stratum Ventures; with the legal and banking industry professionals to partner with. If you chose to take up the responsibility upon yourselves to be a successful property investor a competent and transparent system can only ease your interactions with other professionals in the industry.

Know how you feel!!

It is often said, that a good investment feels good in the gut. Your heart knows before your mind can think upon it and decide further action plans. But that is still no reason to be foolish and reckless, review your actions before you take them. Review the following items-

  Which area is more competitive for investing?

  What is your current capital strength to invest? If you can do it now or how early in the future, plan accordingly.

  What is your credit worthiness? Do you need assistance from local banks?

  Like a friend once said ‘What gets measured gets done!’

  Know how much you can invest and for what time. Investing in property is planned activity, do it with the right team.

As I share these notes from my friend Naveed Mehdi, a sudden flash of information from the news crossed my mind. While I was on my usual coffee with newspaper, I read an article about the “Guidance Value” increase from government much against the willingness of builder & developers across the country. It’s strange how government wants to influence the private builders and developers to shake hands with local authorities and other government officials. Not that it shouldn’t be a point to discuss, but it shouldn’t be a sudden change in system from the government to increase the guidance value of properties, whilst the already existing stack of large inventory from top builders in the country. 85000 units of built up apartments and condiments in Bangalore alone, is indeed a huge number to sell or to hold on to. Builders are trying hard to sell, they are shifting from targeted market to anyone who can procure their units, this is not part of the plan, and I am sure!!

It’s pretty easy to fill-up the column in a newspaper with an underline stating “as told by local real estate researchers”, I’d appreciate if the newspaper said, who has made the statement and on what basis. This extended paragraph is just a simple of way of saying “don’t simply go by the information from –god knows who- sources”. Please be patient, wise and calculative in taking such big decisions.