Qualities of the investor!!

TIME- it’s this factor that has been the key to most successful businessmen around the world. Friends if it were not for the right time we know nothing right would have happened including the formation of the universe itself and today we are talking about little time to be invested to become a real investor for lifetime perhaps!

So, what and why is TIME important for? Merely to calculate the figures or to make an overall planning!! A good investor, be it gold, property or stocks is someone who knows and understands the importance of ‘Time Management’, not to forget ‘Planning for Family’ too. A real good investors, yes is good at numbers but not necessarily, he would be just good at +, -, X and /... but he always learns from experts and does his own analysis... basically someone who knows the knack of assessment of the market in which to invest and roll the dice on.

A typical investor generally breaks him time to do the following 3 important things, which may or may not go hand-in-hand or happens all at a time... let’s see:

  Calculating- Disposable income followed by research- to begin with, to be an investor one has to understand the existing situation, expenses, loans and other basics on recurring basis to arrive at a disposable income. This is crucial, simple to:

  Understand the current out-flow

  Plan an investment

  Amount to be invested

  The value of the commodity and its fluctuation if any

  The durability (life) of the commodity too, which is imperative

  Last but not the least, is it going to be valid for next-gen? Can be legacy? Or is it a day's engagement???

  Selection- a process that is very crucial to sustain as an investor and make a healthy wealth for generations to come. You see, investor is not just someone interested in commodities, he is also someone who know the value of relationships in his life. Afterall, wealth is not a weed to multiply itself isn’t it? Just like any other business, Investors do create a business value for themselves, which is based on the following expertise:

  Selection of a Product- Stock market, trading of minerals, investing in jewellery, investing in apartments, investing in lands etc.

  Selection of Product Specialists- based on selected product to invest on

  Industry Experts- one would definitely need a senior to walk through a new investors into the market

  Mentors- domain experts generally are someone having their hands dirtied every day. Engaging with such mentors opens new ways and new opportunities to look into, and why not innovation is part of it anyway.

  Understanding the Market of the selected Product-

  Similar products in the market

  Market value of product

  Current market position of the product

  Current value of the product

  Changing trends of the product on a broad spectrum

  Current value of the product

  o Offcourse an estimated appreciation of the product

  National and International scenario

  Government compliances to be met

The time investment methods mentioned above may look exhaustive, but with the right guide you can walk through the dark tunnel…towards light easily.

Lastly, spending time to engage in necessary assessments at coffee vending machines is worth the while ... Looking forward to share some coffee time with you.

Product : Of all the study that you must have made to decide on investments, selection of the product is the most complex study. Investors who look at friends and neighbours, families and relatives to make such important decision must understand that it is equally important to study personally on the product you should chose to invest upon. A product basic decides whether or not it meets your investment goals and at the same time benefit you term-wise. This product can be merely financial product or a commodity from the plethora of options you have in the Index/ exchange board. Generally, investment products range from Debt security bonds, to shares, financial policies, REITs, Structured investment so on and so forth.