Qualities of Investor- Benefit

Benefit Why not? For all that we look into any investment is to measure the amount benefit in stipulated time period. If one doesn’t know the value of the investment to returns, one has to not venture into any kind of investments. A good investors, knows his mathematics with statistics and analytic instincts. He shall work the benefit before investing in a product/ commodity time and again to not fall in the course of his investment journey.

Any product or commodity has its season to be up and fall down, its when you know the season well, you know the real flavor of good returns. It has been tried and tested by various analyst in the market by conducting numerous research and market study that every product has its peak and down-fall time, the graph shows it that there is a pattern to all of it. Let’s look into simple analysis here:

To focus, we understand that the returns are mostly/ at all times appreciated to the investments in the Property type, against gold or other products available for investments in the market. The other benefits are personally associated, few reasons are as mentioned below:

  Satisfying Experience- to Invest in a property which is associated with dream homes to secured rentals incomes is immense. Buying a hard asset that you can see, feel and live with is what one would cherish for generations.

  Land is an asset that can be funded largely through long-term debt (75% Funded by banks). No other asset provides such a benefit. It can be acquired and then comfortably paid back via monthly payments (EMIs) over a very long period of time. No other asset provides this benefit. The comfort one gets by doing mental accounting about tax savings in real estate investments is tremendously heart filling. One always feels happier when it is told that they don’t need to pay tax or no money would be deducted from salary, because of tax savings on real estate investment. Comfort of getting a stream of rental income. An income, which you get without working for – passive income.

  General opinion that it is a hedge against inflation and a Justification to oneself that it is an investment for the next generation(s).

  High return expectations due to the recent past records (say last 15 Years).

  Pride of owning multiple real estate investment and being known as the ‘Landlord’. As there is no daily ticker, the daily mental valuation of the asset does not take place.

Pride and happiness when you talk about owning multiple properties.

So always chose your investments that can benefit you greatly and for long term.

Note: This section has content from various internet sources. Hence one is requested to whet the information before considering this as an insinuation to any product/ commodity.