30s responsibilities…. A switch in thought!

You are 30 already and are wondering if all that was spent in the past was worth or is there something you wish to look into? A scary question to ask just as your family pushes you to take the responsibilities on your shoulders. Now is the time or is it just going to be too late.. While we know there are hordes of things happening around us and talking about reaching the horizon... there is also much more you wish to understand just as you see the clear skies on one such late evening over a coffee on your terrace.

A young man who knows what it is to take responsibilities, tried to search new ways of multiplying the monies that he has earned in the years or that he will earn in the coming years. A young lad can go around like a headless chicken, if he failed to be guided. What are those few things that's coming your way?

  A tree that looks like an hierarchy of network, asking you to introduce more people so that you multiply money faster- the typical multi-level marketing as it is called? But are you the one who can do it?

  Putting in all the money in the FD (Fixed Deposit) of the bank? What are you getting after that? Are you already aged to live with the FD monies; that you have no life-style to consider?

  An investment in Gold? How much can you buy with what you have and how much control do you have on gold rates?

  Property may be wise? But what are the methods of diving into the deep ocean called "Real-Estate"?

Consider these questions before you try your hands on something you want to be fried in. As a matter of fact, we all know that "Real-Estate" is one place that you can look into quick long leap from where you are to what you wish. However, it still remains a question, how well do you know the waters?

Let’s consider the last option, for the sake of benefits. It’s time we discovered what is Real-Estate after all? And why is it the first thing people thing whenever it some to lucrative business model or lucrative returns on Investments? Who are the kind of people who does Real-Estate and how do they know what they did, is right? Or perhaps wrong!!!

For a simple understanding, we will just depend on the history. History of Real- Estate, probably started with history itself… well, sounds weird isn’t it? But it’s true… why otherwise would British wanted to build colonies or would Genghis Khan wished to travel around the world capturing lands or for that matter, why would Alexander the great- wish to spread his arms in his grave and prove to the world and the entire land belonged to him?

From “Naveed Mehdi”- Founder Stratum Ventures LLP

Let’s ponder over this for the time being, while we (Stratum Ventures) will suspend History and bring in methods of investing in Land.

‘To own a piece of land’ is one thing we all wish to have & we like to really own it. May be because we like to boost our ego, or may be enhance our social status or just a feeling of proud possession; it’s inherently a feeling, could be of gratification or even satisfaction to own a small piece of this mother earth as our own!!

But is that all why one owns a land? Not really! One important reason to own land comes from its own inherent quality of value attached with it and off-course its attractive appreciation by time. Yes, a highly valuable commodity in possession is a worthy possession indeed. And a parcel of Land as compared to others, like goods, golds, insurance etc is just a rich possession to anyone. It’s a common understanding that- The intrinsic nature of the Land is always positive, which simply means Land value is ever increasing. So, should we say investing in Land is an overall satisfaction that any investors gets in his life time? YES, it is.

Generally, we have investors of 2 types, one who invests in Land knowing the whole gambit of the business and continues to invest time and again. The second is often a one-time investor who actually hasn’t tasted the kick of investing, it’s really in the second case where professionals play a very important role. The role of these professionals is to hand-hold the investors from beginning, i.e., selection of land- to end, that is till the Land is completely in the name of the investors. From here on, we will call this type of investor a buyer for the sake of convenience. The benefit of hand-holding is, it enables the investors to multiply their investments in many folds. Definitely Investing in land is an art!!! Isn’t it?

Whether you are investing as a buyer or as an investor, you are still at the winning post, this is well understood when one sees the appreciation of the investments multiplying in many-folds by time. So then what are the qualities an ideal investor possess? What are the ways of understanding the importance of investing in a Land? Can we as individuals, plan for a new basket of investment(s) differently?

As professionals in this domain, have dedicated all our time and effort towards answering these questions. We are privileged to be capable to cater to these requirements. We will continue with these initiatives time and again to enable you in understanding the benefits of investing in Land, its appreciation, methods & methodologies in total, ROI, types of ROI etc.

Many questions that needs a clarity and many young investors coming up with various methods to invest in Land. We are never short of ideas or young talent.